We will improve your health and well-being by creating your brain and body blueprint through multiple scientifically validated assessments.

Refined Genetix offers nine diagnostic tests to help you gain a better understanding of your health data and metrics based on your unique genes. Using results from one or a combination of tests, Refined Genetix will scientifically assess your individual health and develop a custom plan to guide your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits.


Whether used once to gain a baseline understanding or consistently to track health progress, Refined Genetix is committed to providing the information needed to live your best life!


We are committed to increasing your health awareness and helping you achieve your personal goals as quickly as possible. We have partnered with some of the most innovative companies in the health and wellness industry to help transform your life, WHATEVER THE STARTING POINT IS.

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Refined Genetix works with many types of individuals and lifestyles from the elite to sedentary. In addition, the company is available to partner with gyms and personal trainers, senior care facilities, corporations and community organizations to provide testing to their clients, employees or members.

Whether it’s a mobile testing truck setup, a local health fair or a sports team, we want to work with you. Please contact us to schedule a mobile site visit or to get more information on partnering with Refined Genetix.


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  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your brain and overall health

  • Track how exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle can change your health metrics

  • Individualize fitness, nutrition, and treatment plans with healthcare professionals, trainers, nutritionists, and wellness providers based on your results

  • Repeat and reassess periodically to track progress throughout your plans to objectively measure improvements, giving you confidence that interventions are having the desired effects

  • Continually monitor to ensure you’re maintaining a level of health that enables you to live your BEST LIFE!

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