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Distinguish Your Membership Benefits With Scientifically Customized Wellness Plans From Refined Genetix. Distinguishing your membership benefits requires offering your members access to the newest and latest services they simply can’t find anywhere else. So instead of offering another cookie-cutter wellness plan, you can finally stand out from the rest by partnering with Refined Genetix.

That’s because we harness the power of DNA health testing, along with a series of other assessments, to unlock someone’s unique data and completely customize a nutrition and fitness plan that is perfect just for them.

Imagine being able to offer your members the promise of no more failed diets and a completely customized path to life-long wellness and happiness.

Membership Benefits That Can Transform Mind, Body, and Soul   

Completing the DNA health tests and assessments is just the beginning. Not only will your members receive a completely customized nutrition and wellness plan backed by data, but they will also have a team of professional coaches, nutritionists, and teachers to motivate, educate, and empower them through this transformational journey.

We’ll be there to virtually high-five your members when they can finally slip back into their favorite pair of jeans they had tucked away for a few years (or more). But it’s also learning the science behind our behaviors and rediscovering confidence, gratitude, and peace of mind.

Virtual, Mobile, and Safe 

No matter where you’re members are located, Refined Genetix will be there. Our DNA health tests and assessments can be done at home, or we can arrange to stop by with our mobile testing truck.

Our reports are 99.9% accurate, and unlike other genetic testing companies, we never sell or transfer someone’s DNA.

We also offer on-demand resources and classes, such as:

  • Online fitness classes
  • Webinars that educate members about nutritional science 
  • Access to a massive recipe database 
  • A personal food logging app 
  • An interactive, online community of other life transformation enthusiasts 

And our team members are only a swipe, text, or phone call away when someone has a question or needs a boost on the days they aren’t feeling their best.

If you’re ready to provide your members with the opportunity to finally unlock unlimited energy, enhanced vitality, and a transformational path to a healthier lifestyle, please contact us today.

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