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Microbiome Testing

Gut health is an important factor to consider when you begin your wellness transformation journey. Researchers continue to discover how closely gut health is linked to your overall well-being. Things like emotional stress, chronic illness, and more serious things like cancer and Type II diabetes can all be linked back to gut health.

The key to understanding your gut health begins with assessing the microbiome. This is also known as the bacteria and other microorganisms in your stomach and intestines. Once we understand your microbiome, we can then build a plan for optimal gut health.

Gut Health Defined 

While everyone has a unique microbiome or gut bacteria, researchers have discovered that healthier people have more diversity of organisms in their bacteria, while unhealthier people have less diversity of organisms.

​And different bacteria have different roles to play, such as reducing inflammation, helping your immune system, and reducing risks of asthma and allergies, just to name a few. 

So a “healthy gut” means there is a balance of bacteria in your digestive system, and your microbiome is able to optimally function when it comes to digesting food and releasing nutrients in your body.

Signs Of Gut Health Problems 

We’ve all had our digestive issues, but if you’re experiencing persistent issues such as abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, or heartburn, you may be having some gut health issues.

The biggest culprit for gut health issues is food. The super-tasty things we enjoy, like fried food, alcohol, and caffeine, can do a number on your gut. Additionally, a lack of sleep and exercise can hurt your gut health.

Simple Steps To Improve Your Gut Health 

It’s super easy to start improving your gut health. It all comes down to making better choices about what you put in your body.

  • Drink water throughout the day 
  • Eat whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruit, and homemade yogurt 
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners, like in diet drinks and sugar-free, low-fat foods

Achieve Optimal Gut Health With Refined Genetix

After completing our gut health assessment, we’ll be able to completely customize a plan that will help you achieve optimal gut health. Not only will you have more energy, but you'll also be able to hit your weight goals, be in a better mood, and kick off other digestive issues like bloating and fatigue.

Your transformational journey is all about the mind, body, and soul. Learn more about wellness plans and sign up today.


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