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Posture Testing

Good posture is key to optimal health, more than most people realize. While looking good while sitting or standing is great, good posture is important when it comes to strength, balance, and avoiding other physical problems over time.

Posture problems can start before your teen years, and by the time you reach middle age, your poor posture habits can start causing you chronic pain as a result. Proper posture improvement can help ward off disease, increase quality of life, improve fitness levels, help you lose weight, reduce mortality risk, and so much more!

Good Posture Testing With Refined Genetix

When we say this test is super easy and quick, we mean business. We’ll complete a full-body movement assessment in less than 30 seconds and deliver the results to you immediately and via email.

We’re able to provide super-quick results because we use posture trend analysis. This is an objective, quantitative document that assesses and tracks long-term posture trends and changes over time. We’ll be able to complete the initial assessment and then be able to track your improvement with side-by-side comparisons over time.

The good news is that you can improve your posture by following some easy, daily steps. It could be following some posture and balance exercises or perhaps doing quick posture checks throughout the day. Once we’re able to assess your current posture, we’ll provide you with a customized plan based on your needs.

Align Your Posture And Wellness Goals with Refined Genetix

Assessing your posture is just one of the many tests we have for our clients when it comes to completely customizing fitness and wellness plans.

If you’re ready to align your lifestyle with your wellness goals, learn more about what’s included in our plans and start your journey today.


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